A  twin stick shooter with a tomboy attitude. Kaylee Bu33le is a streamer in the town of Gloomhaven and when zombies attacked and took out her internet connection, Kaylee has to act.

Crush zombies with the mighty GUMBALL GUN. Melt their brains with the STRAWBERRY GUM LAZER. Blast them to pieces with the explosive GUM SHIELD.

A frantic adventure takes you shooting and driving through the town of Gloomhaven to rescue Kaylee's friends and save the internet!

Show off your speed running skills by setting record times in the world leaderboard.

  • Twin stick shooter (xbox controller supported)
  • Arcade action
  • Single player story
  • World Leaderboards

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We are Project Level Studios - a small group of video game enthusiasts who have joined forces to bring our game ideas to life! We're based in Birmingham, UK but have branched out to bring on specialist team members from all over the globe!

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